Congratulations to our 2019-2020 RDA Bunheads!  It is going to be a great year!

Musical Theatre

Henlee Spicer, Alexandria Young, Evie Knox, Candence Orr, Stella Backs, Ava Ratterree, Keslee Blalock, Allie Taylor, Ambry Reeves

Silver Hip Hop

Boston Sparks, Kaylee Arrowood, Henlee Spicer, Braelynn Perez, Cassandra McCabe, Evie Knox, Alexandria Young

Silver Jazz

Kirrah Dickson, Braelynn Perez, Cassandra McCabe, Samantha Nunuez, Maya Gulati

Gold Junior Lyrical

Kirrah Dickson, Samantha Nunez, Ani Alexander, Abigail Fleming, Bella Lopez

Gold Hip Hop

Grace Davis, Allie Young, Makayla Bartis, Kailee Blalock, Kinlee Blalock, Gracie Cearley, Morgan M.

Gold Teen Lyrical

Grace Davis, Gracie Cearley, Kinlee Faith Blalock, Kailee Blalock, Estella Hanvey

Gold Large Group Contemporary

Maya Gulati, Abigail Fleming, Grace Davis, LindyAnn Wilkerson, Makayla Bartis, Bella Lopez, Alexandra Carroll, Ava Dalton, Morgan McGuire, Kirrah Dickson

Advanced Gold Contemporary

Competing in the Advanced Division!

Kailee Blalock, Ella Spicer, Ava Mojica, Estella Hanvey, Kinlee Faith Blalock, Ashlynn Denney

Advanced Gold Jazz

Competing in the Advanced Division!
Ava Mojica, Julieann Fleming, Ashley Baumann, Ella Spicer, Estella Hanvey, Ella Liscano, Riley Carter, Kinlee Faith Blalock, Kailee Blalock, Ashlynn Denney